Finally, the easing of entry restrictions has begun!

The Japanese government has been banning entry into Japan from overseas in principle due to the spread of corona infection, but the restrictions finally started to be relaxed on November 8!

If you are entering Japan for business purposes, the waiting period is now three days, subject to conditions.


Reference: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


With this opportunity, Eight Nest Share House has been receiving a lot of inquiries from overseas, and we are suddenly very active. Up until now, we have received many inquiries from Japanese people who wanted to live together with people from overseas and experience living in English, but due to the current social situation, we have seen many people crying over not being able to move in. Also, many international students from overseas are hoping for the reopening of diplomatic relations between Japan and Japan, and I think this was very hopeful news for both sides.


Before the spread of corona infection, we once received a reservation for a tenant from overseas. The person was planning to stay in Japan for a short study abroad program and was looking forward to coming to Japan, but the pandemic occurred and the person had to give up coming to Japan. In the email informing her of the cancellation of her reservation, she wrote, "I wanted to come to Japan. I think we can finally say that the long tunnel is coming to an end.

However, the situation is still unpredictable, so please take care of yourselves.



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Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

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