Welcome party★

Hello, How is your week going?


We had a Welcome party with our residents of all houses.

The place was Kyoto Jingu Marutamachi House , which has a coworking space, and all the residents and friends of the residents were invited to enjoy tacos and pizza together.
(Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House also has a coworking space. )

We and Kyoto Jingu Marutamachi House residents helped with the tacos, and everyone worked quickly and efficiently on their own, and managed to finish cooking for 30 people within the starting time.

Even those who do not usually cook for themselves were happy that it was their first time in the house kitchen and that it was a good experience for them lol


When the party started, The residents who moved in March and April introduced themselves in front of everyone.

We have people from Mexico, Italy, Thailand, the U.S., and other foreign countries, and although everyone was nervous, they tryied to speak in English and Japanese.

The residents from the U.S. who lives in Kyoto Kitashirakawa House also brought board games from the house.

People from different houses enjoyed playing games with each other.

Some of the people playing the game did not speak Japanese, so the rules were explained to them in both English and Japanese, and they said it was a good learning experience for them.


After the party, everyone went out for a picnic at the Kamogawa River! and took the leftover tacos to the Kamogawa River.

At 8NEST share house, you can enjoy international exchange with learning English and Japanese with people from all over the world while staying in Kyoto.

We have many students as well as working people staying with us.

If you are at all interested, please contact us★★






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