Entry restrictions eased in June!

Immigration restrictions have been eased since June.

The number of international students from abroad has been increasing at our share house, and we have a multinational population.

In addition, from June 10, the entry of foreign tourists will be reopened. (For the time being, they must be accompanied by a tourist escort. 2022/6/2 info)

It has been a while since we have seen Kyoto surrounded by so many tourists as it was three years ago.

Since the number of foreign students has been increasing, we would like to introduce several Japanese language schools and universities located near our share house.


1.Kyoto institue of culture and language

(Kyoto University of  theArts)

・Kyoto Hyakumanben House

・Kyoto Kitashirakawa House

・Kyoto University East House

2.ISI language school in  Kyoto

・Kyoto Taisyogun House

3.Genki Japanese and Culture School

・Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo A House

・Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo B house

・Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo C house

・Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House

4.Kyoto university

・Kyoto Hyakumanben House

・Kyoto University East House

・Kyoto Jingu Marutamachi House

5.Doshisha University

・Kyoto Hyakumanben House

・Kyoto University East House

・Kyoto Jingu Marutamachi House


There are many other Japanese language schools and universities in Kyoto.

There are many Houses in the center of Kyoto, so even if they are some distance away, you can easily get to them by bus or train!


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