Lifting of entry restrictions from nine countries and territories


It's been a long time. The happy news we've been waiting for! The Japanese government has conditionally allowed entry into Japan from nine countries and territories (China, South Korea, Australia,

Hiking Activities Mt. Maya


Since I was not going out, I felt remarkably inadequate in exercise, so I hurriedly decided to go hiking with my housemates. At the top of the mountain, there is an observation platform where you c

人気のシェアハウス「エイトネスト 百万遍」に空き部屋が出ました。


A vacancy is available at Eight Nest Hyakumanben, located next to Kyoto University. It is convenient to Kyoto University and only a few seconds walk to Kyoto University, so many undergraduate and g

Thoughts on easing immigration restrictions


With regard to the easing of restrictions on entry to Japan, the Japanese government has allowed foreign students and other people with medium- to long-term residency status to enter the country from

RereJob posted on our website!


8NEST Share House was introduced to us by RareJob, a company famous for its online English lessons. As a service where you can take lessons without meeting people, you can learn English conversatio

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