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Hello! This is MINA, an 8NEST Sharehouse staff member. We've had many new residents this month! We had students from Kyoto University, people attending Japanese language school, people looking for

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When I went to Kitashirakawa House today, they were in the living room talking about preparations for tonight's birthday party, and it looked like a lot of fun! I hope they make lots of friends now

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The typhoon passed through Kyoto and we had a very cool morning! Just before the typhoon hit, I happened to go to a 100 yen store and bumped into some residents of Jingu-marutamachi House, who were

Party★★★ against the typhoon.


Hello! A typhoon is approaching, but they had a party on the rooftop at Kita-Shirakawa House the other day! As expected, I think everyone will be quiet on the day of the typhoon, lol! We've h

Cleaning up together♪


At 8NEST share house, all residents are responsible for cleaning!, and everyone cleans together! When I went to the share house today, I found two housemates cleaning together with a new resident.

★MINA’s Japanese lesson★


Hello! I'm MINA, an 8NEST Sharehouse staff member! Starting today, from time to time, we want to share some Japanese phrases that are commonly used in Japan on our blog★! Today I'm going to show

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Hello! It's the season of typhoons! Enjoy your last summer vacation! -Availability schedule information- (This information is only the latest availability schedule. Please check our website f

Property is located very close to Kyoto University!


University starts in September, and we're getting a lot of inquiries from students! This time, we would like to introduce some of our recommended houses for students of Kyoto University Yoshida Cam

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We update Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube daily! We use videos and images to introduce the daily lives of our residents and each of our houses, about home parties, little scenes from our da

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