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A new share house is scheduled to open near Jingu-marutamachi station! The building is currently under construction, so we'll be releasing progress information in the future🎶 Please look forwa

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  A while ago, I played board games with Saga Arashiyama House residents over dinner! What kind of board games do you like to play! There is no vacancy information today. We hope you

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Here are some pictures from the card game party held on 2/17🎶 Everyone seemed to be having a great time playing 😄 8NEST will continue to plan fun international exchange events in the future, so

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  Hello! February 14 was Valentine's Day. For our company, February 14 is actually the anniversary of our founding! Thanks to your support, this year marks our 10th anniversary.

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Today is Valentine's Day :) Did you give someone a chocolate with your love? In Japan, people give chocolates to each other at work! We also gave chocolates to Ricky❤️ 🆙Vacancy inf

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A Korean former resident of Shijo-Karasuma House came to visit us in Kyoto and we went out for dinner and karaoke with everyone! He even gave me a souvenir from Korea, which was really sweet!

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Did you do mame-maki (bean-throwing ceremony) on Setsubun👹? At 8NEST, we all ate ehomaki together! One of the points of 8NEST share house is that you can experience Japanese annual events 🎶 We

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New Okazaki North House has been added to the 8NEST Houses! Close to Kyoto University and Kyoto University of Arts, this house is perfect for students. LUUP is located in front of the house,

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