Work from home in a shared house with coworking space♪

Hello! How are you doing?

Starting in June, immigration restrictions have been eased a bit, the maximum number of people entering the country has been doubled, and we are getting more and more inquiries from people overseas!

I will ask you a ramdom question, have you ever had this experience?

"At home, I can't concentrate on my work because there are games and such... I study on my bed and fall asleep.... I have a messy room and no space..."

I am exactly like that lol

Then I've even started working from home and studying in a coworking space!

Have you ever used a coworking space?

At 8NEST SHAREHOUSE, we have two houses with coworking spaces.

Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House and Kyoto Jingu-Marutamachi House.

This time, we would like to show Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House.

Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House has a shared space on the first floor that can be used as a coworking space.

Currently (May 24, 2022), many IT-related residents work from home in this space or in a private room with a work table.

As you can see in the photo below, there is enough space for meetings, so you can work efficiently without having to go out of your way to rent a space outside your residence!


Of course, you can also study or have meals and parties with other residents outside of work.

On weekends , you can go out for drinks at Kamogawa River, have dinner together at a nearby restaurant, or even have a small surprise dinner for those who are leaving!

We would like to create a space where people can interact with people from various professions and exchange information with others in the same industry.

We have also poseted about Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma House in our past blog.

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